Design Philosophy

MRV Architects is committed to an inclusive design process, involving the Owner throughout each project's evolution to ensure that the finished building fulfills the client's vision. To ensure continuity of design and intent throughout a project, MRV principals work hands-on during programming, design, and construction document creation, maintaing a level of engagement and care that would not be possible under the standard separation of management and design tasks. To maintain a high standard of document quality, MRV performs internal reviews of technical and design issues related to constructability, life cycle costs, and material appropriateness, while always fully involving the client in cost/quality decisions. Our history of long client relationships and repeat project referrals demonstrate this technical competence and attention to owner needs.

While MRV design solutions are diverse, responding to the unique aspects of each project, they share common design goals. Very broadly, these include a sensitivity to place and environment, the use of natural daylight, the visual expression of materials –like wood structure, stone and glass- and sculpting interior volumes to give the buildings life and character.

Another characteristic of MRV projects is our commitment to professionalism and integrity. Though they span many diverse building types and locales, this is clearly evident in the quality of finished MRV projects. We make Alaska our home, and are committed to strengthening the enviable reputation our firm has acquired here.