Linn Argyle Forrest

Linn Forrest came to Alaska in the mid-1930s as a young architect with the United States Forest Service CCC program after completing work as the lead exterior designer of Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood. Linn was immediately immersed in Southeast cultural history, working on the restoration of historic totem poles throughout the region, and on the reconstruction of Native Clan Houses, including Chief Shakes House, Totem Bight, House of Chief Son-I-Hat, and Saxman. All of these projects involved Linn with a corps of Native master-carvers, working from original cultural objects to produce the best historic reconstructions possible. Linn developed an extraordinarily fine appreciation of native cultural history, leading him to co-author the text "The Wolf and the Raven, Totem Poles of Southeastern Alaska" with anthropologist Viola Garfield.