How to Access MRV's FTP Server

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to use MRV's FTP server, as well as information on FTP and links to download free FTP programs.

Select the instruction packet you want based on your operating system. It should open in your browser as an integrated PDf file. If it does not, you're probably running an old version of Internet Explorer. If this is the case, we recommend clicking on the picture to the right to download the latest version of FireFox, one of the fastest and safest web browsers available. We also like Chrome.

Detailed instructions:

Windows Instructions
Mac OS X Instructions

Short Windows instructions:

If you don't have a prefered FTP prgram, the most familiar way to access MRV’s FTP server is to use Windows’ file navigation system:
•Right-click on the Start button and select Explore or Open Windows Explorer.
•In the Address bar near the top of the window that opens, type in and hit Enter.
•When prompted, enter the user name and password we sent you.
•If Windows 7 logs you in to the last FTP site you visited instead of prompting for new credentials, right-click on the folder/globe/tubes icon in the lower left and 'Login as...'
•Once connected, drag and drop files as normal.